Offering your employees the benefit of chidlcare vouchers is easy with us
We took a stand at an SME exhibition last week. I spoke to about 70 companies over the course of the day. About half the companies I spoke to were already offering their employees the childcare voucher benefit.
I was surprised to discover though that the majority of the companies who weren’t offering childcare vouchers, weren’t doing so because they were concerned that the benefit would cause them a lot of administrative work. With our website and processes, this is not the case. We make sure that the work for the employer is kept to an absolute minimum. We speak to employees, explain the benefit and how they can get the most from it, we speak to their chosen childcare providers and then create and email invoices each payroll period. We can take payment by direct debit, making the process for the company very simple. The employer only has to make a payroll deduction.