Payroll Services & EAP

Payroll services and much more

We offer a wide range of solutions to reduce the ever growing burden on employers, giving you the freedom to manage your core business

Why do I need to outsource these services?
  • Employers can struggle with specialist knowledge in areas of the business such as payrol and HR.
  • This leads to time consuming issues taking away time from crucial business areas
  • You need to be able to manage your company, not manage areas that are unfamiliar to you
  • Issues, such as personnel problems, often lurk round the corner ready for you to lurch into
  • Or inhouse payroll has gone wrong? Result? Unhappy employees!
How can we help you manage your business?
  • We can make running your business easy for you by taking over these specialist areas
  • Enjoy Benefits has a range of company services to suit everyone, you may need just one service
  • One stop shop for all your needs, we can run all your benefits, payroll and HR requirements
How will my business benefit from using these services?
  • You can devote your time to your core business, which is where you make your money
  • Reduced employment and consultancy costs allowing you to re-deploy resources where most needed
  • Emergency child and adult care is one of the fastest growing benefits that employers are offering, reducing absenteeism and interruptions to important projects
  • The bottom line is that you will be less stressed and more profitable