Salary sacrifice schemes are a type of workplace benefit offered by many employers.

The concept is simple: The employee exchanges part of their salary, earning less money a month, in return for a non-cash benefit. Non-cash benefits can be a range of things, from reduced rates on the latest technology to the ability to claim back healthcare costs.

Salary sacrifice is designed to benefit both the employer and the employee through reduced tax and National Insurance contributions. Depending on which scheme the employee opts for, salary sacrifice can have great benefits for their financial circumstances.

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employee salary sacrifice scheme

Available Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Childcare Vouchers

This scheme is designed to help working parents with the cost of childcare. It is a way that employers encourage their employees to return to work after maternity/paternity leave. EnjoyBenefits are no longer accepting new applicants for this scheme.

Workplace Nursery

With this scheme, any child up to the age of 5 is covered to attend an approved nursery of your choice. Similar to childcare vouchers, it makes the return to work decision far easier for employees. Nurseries also receive funding through the scheme, leading to better childcare.

Cycle to Work Scheme

This scheme helps employees to buy bicycles and related safety equipment at affordable prices. The employee has their pick of bicycle from any retailer. The employer buys it for them. The employee then repays the employer over a fixed length of time and at a reduced cost.

Technology Scheme

The technology scheme enables the employer to buy the latest technology on behalf of the employee. The employee repays the employer over a 12 month period. This way, the employee avoids credit checks and upfront payment and can save up to 12% on the cost.

Mobile Phone Scheme

The mobile phone scheme helps employees afford the latest sim-free mobile phones at reduced rates. As with the technology scheme, employees repay the employer for the cost of the new phone over a period of 12 months.

Gym Membership

With this scheme, employees can enjoy the benefit of a gym membership at discounted corporate rates. Employees can choose from thousands of chain or independent gym and leisure facilities around the UK, including bootcamps and fitness studios. The scheme is partially designed to improve health and raise productivity in the office.

Healthcare Cash Plans

This scheme enables employees (and their families) to claim back the cost of regular healthcare treatment, such as eye care, dental treatment and physiotherapy. This can be extended to MRI scans and health screening among other medical tests. Conditions apply but are not dependent on your medical history.

Car Parking Scheme

This scheme gives employees an annual season parking ticket at a discounted rate. With how busy the roads are now, parking space is valuable. This scheme ensures that employees don’t have to worry about parking anymore.

Car Lease Scheme

The car lease scheme allows employees to lease a brand new car of their choice. The scheme covers maintenance, insurance, road tax, tyre replacement and roadside assistance. The employee is not responsible for anything, including credit checks.


employee salary sacrifice schemes


How to Access Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Some companies promote their employee benefits packages more widely than others. Larger businesses might have a one-stop benefits portal, accessible through their online enrolment system. Sometimes they send out emails and newsletters, or hold an annual event to spread awareness of the benefits schemes they offer.

If you are not yet aware of salary sacrifice schemes being available at your place of work, speak to your employer. Otherwise, take a look around the company’s intranet or website. It should have a page on employee benefits and advice on how to apply.

Before entering into a salary sacrifice agreement, a new contract will be drawn up between the employer and the employee.

If you are an employee looking to access a salary sacrifice scheme, it is important that you discuss a few things with your employer. You want to know whether earning less money a month will move you from a higher to lower tax band, or whether it will decrease any bonuses, pensions, statutory benefits and other benefits linked to salary. You may also wish to ask about the terms around opting out of the salary sacrifice scheme.

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