Employee Benefits Program

  Many employers offer employee benefits programs. Sometimes they'll come under the name of employee discounts or salary sacrifice. If you are uncertain what employee benefits are exactly; what types are available; or how to access them, then...

Employee Discounts Scheme

  You may have heard employee discount schemes mentioned around the workplace. They go by many names: employee benefits, salary sacrifice. Maybe you have accessed a scheme in the past and want to see what other options are out there. Read on to...

Employee Salary Sacrifice Schemes

  Salary sacrifice schemes are a type of workplace benefit offered by many employers. The concept is simple: The employee exchanges part of their salary, earning less money a month, in return for a non-cash benefit. Non-cash benefits can be...

How Does Salary Sacrifice Work?

  At its most basic, salary sacrifice means giving up part of your salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit. For example, you earn less gross income per month, but you receive a company car or increased pension contributions from your employer. Salary...

Nursery at Work

  A workplace nursery is one of the most popular benefits opted for by employees. Many young professionals are at the age in life where they wish to start families. Having a workplace nursery makes their decision to return to work after maternity...

Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme

  A salary sacrifice car lease scheme  is mutually beneficial to both employee and employer. It can have great impact on your business by significantly increasing staff retention and helping you to achieve Class 1 National Insurance savings. This ...

Setting Up a Workplace Nursery

  Setting up a workplace nursery is an investment in your business and your employees. Currently, a workplace nursery is the most popular choice of benefit because it offers staff the greatest savings. Childcare can be incredibly expensive...

What Employee Benefits Are Available?

What Employee Benefits Are Available? What employee benefits are available for an organisation like mine? We’re glad you asked. There is a raft of employee benefits you can give to your team to make their lives easier and keep them highly motivated. A...

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